Episode Preparation Information

Thank you for being a guest! Here is the information we need from you for the webpage and show notes. Please fill this out 24 hours before our recording. If you haven’t booked a recording slot yet, you can do so at http://www.eckfeldt.com/record-podcast.

The focus on this podcast is the "business of cannabis" and our audience are a) people in the cannabis space looking to become more business savvy, and b) people in the business space looking to become more cannabis savvy.

I keep the podcast very conversational. I’ll start with a few questions about your background and then dig into our topic. We’ll record about 30 minutes of program. When we’re close to the end, I’ll cue you give out any emails or URLs you’d like to give to the audience.

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Your name, as you would like it appear
You can also email us a photo at podcast@eckfeldt.com if that's easier
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