Angela Ardolino & Hernando Umana, CBD Dog Health

Thinking Outside The Bud - Angelina Ardolino and Hernando Umana CBD Dog Health

Angela Ardolino, Founder & CEO, Holistic Dog Expert, Medical Cannabis Expert

With over 25 years of experience caring for animals, Angela Ardolino is the founder and CEO of CBD Dog Health and House of Alchemy, LLC, a company dedicated to cultivating and processing the purest medical cannabis products, with the lowest environmental impact, for humans and pets. Ardolino is active in Women Grow and United for Care, and she holds a professional certification in Medical Cannabis for therapeutic use from the University of Vermont College of Medicine.

Hernando Umana, Co-Owner, Cheif Marketing Officer, CBD Expert, Broadway Actor

Father of Blanche an 8-year old mini Shih Tzu, Hernando Umana has been a Broadway performer in New York City for the last 5 years. In a profession where anxiety is absolutely crippling, he wasn’t getting the kind of work he knew he should be getting. After trying every remedy possible, he reached out to Angie for help. She happened to be entering the Medical Cannabis industry and working on a formulation to help dogs with anxiety, joint paint, inflammation and cancer. He was, of course, incredibly interested, and went deep into research. Together they created CBD DOG HEALTH.


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[00:01:07] Welcome, everyone. This is Thinking Outside the Bud. I'm Bruce Eckfeldt, I’m your host. And our guests today are Angela Ardolino and Hernando Umana. And they are co-owners of CBD Dog Health, which is a pet CBD company. We're gonna find out more about the products they develop for pets. Fascinating for this one. I think this is the first time we've had a pet focused company on the program. With that, Angela Fernando, welcome to the program. Hi. Yeah. So let's talk a little bit about your background. Before we get into the company and what you're doing now, I'd love to hear a little bit of the backstory. I think there's always there was an interesting story in terms of why people got involved in cannabis businesses. And I'm sure years is just as interesting. What what is the kind of motivating factor? What led to you actually starting the company?

[00:01:53] Well, it's actually two sides of it. There's the business side of it, and then there's the cannabis health side of it.

[00:02:00] I owned a magazine and usually I've been an entrepreneur since I was 14. And my last business before this one was a magazine. And when I hit the 10 year mark with one of my businesses, I start getting really bored and it can be done. So I. That was happening. And at the same time, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. And I'm a very natural. I'm a vegetarian. I don't take any prescription drugs. I try to keep everything as natural as possible. And the only thing that was being offered to me was you, Mara, which is a prescription drug, was given to all kinds of auto immune diseases. It's not even specific and causes lymphoma and all kinds of other things. So, yeah, I'm doing that. So I started researching, you know, other natural ways. And that's how I discovered cannabis medicine and CBT. And I was like, all right, well, let me try this. I tried it. Not only did my arthritis completely go away, but my stress and anxiety went way down. Yeah, I was. I immediately threw myself into the medical cannabis industry and learned everything, went to conferences. I could I was watching children, having seizures, getting the medicine, put them their lives and completely stopping their seizures that I became so passionate that I'm like, this is inhumane to keep this medicine from anybody. I had brought on partners for my other business. I turned around and sold my whole business to them and threw myself into the industry.

[00:03:29] I lived in Florida. So Florida, we were way behind. So I spent two years getting helping get Amendment 2 passed finally. And I originally wanted to be a cultivator because I couldn't find people cultivating. Now we're talking about three years ago now. Yeah, just. But find anybody cultivating a medicinal product, meaning they were just growing.

[00:03:51] No standard regulations, nothing. So that's what I immediately thought, OK, I'm going to do that. I actually went to the University of Vermont, offered the first inaugural class for cannabis medicine. I went through. It was amazing. I learned everything about the medicine. And during that, I found out that pest animals had the same systems as we do and that they can benefit from the medicine also well, which was receptors.

[00:04:16] And they have twice their receptors. I also am an animal lover and have a rescue farm and a boarding and grooming business. So to me I was like, oh yeah, my two favorite things in the world, weed and animals.

[00:04:30] So to me it was like, this is what I'm doing and I can't wait, you know, to do it. So I got the degree. So my business created CBT dog. The problem was, well, because I couldn't find a product for my pet. So I started developing one. Problem is, is that the only place to get hemp oil or full spectrum?

[00:04:50] Well, that didn't even exist anything less from overseas.

[00:04:54] And I wasn't willing to do that. So I had to wait till I could actually get it in the United States, extracted in the United States and distribute it in the United States, which, of course, you know, I couldn't do legally until a farm bill. Yeah. So that's kind of how all that went when I decided to launch the business, this one over here had said to me. Now I know him from one of my first businesses, which was a non-profit organization, which was a children's theater. He's one of the kids that went to my program. He's been on the Broadway stage. He's, you know, whatever it's called. Me what? Five years ago. Instead, I think I want to be an entrepreneur method. Great. Save your money.

[00:05:34] Next time I'm ready to bring on someone, I'll give you a call. I call them and he gave me all his money. So here we is.

[00:05:41] Look, the funny thing is that SAP, like IBM, knows who's doing to be dog healthy yet. I have a shit to do with the worst separation I've ever seen. And I've put on a national store for so-called Kinky Boots. That was written by Cyndi Lauper.

[00:05:54] I know it well, I guess getting me good. My dog was getting kicked out of hotels for her barking. You could see her.

[00:06:00] She's like this big was as I saw her on the website. If people go to the Web site, look up the photos, she has other plans.

[00:06:07] She's perfect. And so she's alone. She grabs down doors to the wood. I mean, people thought there was a Great Dane in there. She's the smallest little thing you've ever seen. So I was looking for something to try and she'd be shooting in and tell me about to be dog felt that you should try TBD for her.

[00:06:24] And it just. I came home the first day I came home. GIBBS Or she was asleep in her bed. No, was like an ad. The candidates user myself. It's helped my audition that everything and I mean, the second I found out that my dog loved my life can take it, it was just like, yeah, tell me about the business. And it was.

[00:06:42] There was no sense it would give us a sense of time to witness a wounded. When did you first kind of conceive of the business? When did you sort of set set things up? When did you come together and start working together?

[00:06:52] Give us some time frames on these started in 2016, but we didn't launch our product until July of 2008. The farm bill was going to be passed, so we launched at SUPERVALU, which is one of the biggest pet industry expos in the United States.

[00:07:08] The last thing think we saw the thing I joined here like three months before that.

[00:07:13] At that point I was doing. School of Rock. Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

[00:07:18] And when she told me I love the show, I enjoyed the spotlight. That's great.

[00:07:22] Actually flying to Las Vegas, doing the show and then going flying back to California, doing that show, coming back.

[00:07:28] It was exciting to be out there. I was in Vegas for the convention the other day at a separate disco at night doing the show for a while. And I was like, I just this is the hustle.

[00:07:37] This is the hustle. That's what you need to be an entrepreneur. You happy? I love it.

[00:07:44] So let's look a little bit about the product so soon, I guess. How can CVD help pets? I mean, you talked a little bit about this kind of separation anxiety. One like what are the kind of the categories of things that are kind of applicable or that CBT is an effective kind of treatment or application for in terms of pet health?

[00:08:02] Dogs have receptors for CBD literally all over their body, in their bone, in their skin and their brain, in their digestive system. They have more receptors than we do. So anything that you fear that CBT can do for humans, it twice, if not three, four times more powerful for animals. So not only is it relieving inflammation in the entire body, which inflammation causes to fight everything, every disease, every caused by some sort of inflammation of something.

[00:08:30] It also acts the same as SSRI, as an antidepressant and all that.

[00:08:36] So relieving the CBT doesn't do the work.

[00:08:39] Cbt tells the body to do the work through all these receptors. Right. So when they have all these receptors in their body, it's really telling them to do the work, drop the entire system. So everything you do for humans, just multiply it by five. And that's how good it is for all.

[00:08:52] And the interesting thing is we both have the endo cannabinoid system. And when I was going through the University of Vermont, one of my favorite stories that was told to try to explain how it work in the Wild Kingdom is imagine we've all seen this as a kid watching the Discovery Channel, the zebra being chased by the cheetah.

[00:09:12] And you go by. But you know, the feed needs the E. But you're still I go, no, it ought be it. And have you ever watched that? Everyone's watched it. Cheetah A. So they're the two of them. And the cannabinoid systems are working off them at that point. The cheetah is attacking the zebra. The zebra feels no pain. It just knows I'm supposed to get the hell out of this situation. So it's not feeling the pain it knows it needs to get away. It is also kicking the shit out of the cheetah. We never think about the cheetah hanging on and being kicked to death. And it doesn't let go. It's in the cannabinoid system is working. So you're always I don't know. Do you ever watch on the TV? Your how is that even happening? Help me with the writing. How is it up there in the contaminated system working in place? And that was it. Then they wouldn't be able to hunt. They wouldn't survive. So in humans and in pets, when something's wrong, that means they have an endo cannabinoid deficiency, just like when you have a serotonin deficiency and you need to take an antidepressant or any for any of the major diseases. So like my Doberman, for instance, who is petrified of thunder and firework. Yeah. Had an entry on her eye from my wrist or scratching it.

[00:10:23] So the I backed up and a fatty tumor grew on it. So. Yeah.

[00:10:28] In Florida every afternoon at 4:00. You have to give them their CBD because there's a thunderstorm. So for a whole summer, I'm giving it to her every afternoon and it shrink the tumor in her eye. So it was like one of those amazing things that the moment someone tries the medicine, for one thing or another, they're like, oh, my gosh. They had a tumor on their side and it went away or there's so much more calm or they're running around like puppies again.

[00:10:53] You see dogs, you couldn't walk, start running, feature stopping. Tubers literally falling off. Anxiety gone. Allergies gone. I mean, you name it. And it's just I everyday I learned a little bit more of like, oh, my God. To as because we have. I get emails or calls every day. People think this just happened to my dog. Thank you so much. I can't believe it. And up most times in my day. I know. And there's occasional times I'm like. I happen to know that the beat when it happened, sometimes we rescued a 17 year old jewel who was having grand mal seizures every day. Couldn't walk. And you fell over her feet. She was like Benjamin Button. I mean, she literally was running and jumping. No more seizures. Everything came up with, what? A few months?

[00:11:38] Yeah. It's really first of all, some there's so many prescription drugs that are given to dogs. Yeah, there really aren't. But there are so many problems. The same thing happens on the pet side. So taking them off all those drugs that are suppressing their immune system and then giving them something all natural, they come alive again. Amazing.

[00:11:54] So talk to us a little bit about dog. So, you know, lots of different pets, lots of different types of animals out there was the focus on dogs. Just personal preference in that. That was your experience or was there a more strategic reason to focus on the dark market?

[00:12:06] Well, dogs are my I love dogs and birds. They're my favorite. And the pet industry, especially dogs, has a billion dollar industry, which, of course, though, is the weed industry. So, yes, it was. That's what I know most about. So it was most comfortable, but anything with a spinal cord works, CBT work. So your birds forget it. I give it to my I still do have a rescue farm. I have given to my ducks, my geese, my pig, my pig. Love her CBD oil. So, I mean, I gave it to everybody but dogs. I mean, it's millennials are having dogs instead of children and they're treating them like children. And this. And as you know, they pop. They also don't they're very aware of all the prescription drugs. And what that means, pharmaceutical industry is doing to them their families, their friends and addiction. So they're very open to this medicine. And a lot of times they'll try it for themselves first and then go in and don't wait.

[00:13:04] Ok, I know what it does for me. This will help my dog, too. And then that's usually how it goes.

[00:13:09] We have a cat like full force line as well. And I think something really important to say on this is that a lot of people. Well, if it's the same, be that you know why. Why can't they just take my CBT? And there's two important things that say that. One is about bolstering, of course. And the other is that a lot of the a lot of the human products and what a lot of companies are doing is saying that he was completing a portrait on it, had artificial flavors and stevia and things that are terrible for us, but specifically for dog. So it's always really important that dogs take part designing for dogs, you know, animal pet plus for animals.

[00:13:46] Now, I take my dogs to be lower milligram than I usually take, but I take a little bit extra. And that's why it's really important that pet owners look for something specifically for their pet. That's what was really special about us, is that we've started as a pet company and we will end as a pet company. We will not veer off.

[00:14:05] No, there's no one else to go. Both aspects more than Angie as far as cannabis incident, she's got her degree in it. And animals, she's got a rescue farm and grooming stuff.

[00:14:15] There's no one in the industry, no company that knows both aspects better. So we were it was very private.

[00:14:21] Talk to us about the dosing, as you mentioned it. How how do you go about figuring out proper dosing for poor animals? I mean, you you mentioned that it was a lower dose. But what's the process?

[00:14:31] Well, you mentioned dosing.

[00:14:33] And when you're dealing with the CBD product, you really don't have any should have no concerns or worries when he mentioned dosing with the human product. Meaning people who are giving their dogs their human products. There's an issue because dogs can't tolerate THC. And the reason they can't tolerate THC is because they do have so many more receptors. So a tiny bit of pizza really has an effect on them. So people giving a human product, you really have to stay away from that. But dosing for the dog. They cannot overdose. They cannot get sick. They are nothing will happen. You can pour an entire bottle down their throat.

[00:15:09] They'll probably sleep all day and have some diarrhea. But every dog, every animal, every human reacts to CBT. Medical cannabis, different.

[00:15:19] So my favorite story is that, you know, my Doberman, I mentioned 55 pounds. I also have a nine pound minutes for shelter and. He's also petrified of thunderstorms. I give the Doberman like a quarter of a dropper of our calm teacher, which is a full spectrum HAMP, CBT and Lavender Essential Oil, and she show first of all, she comes in, she asked for it. So I'm convinced that she knows that this stuff is the stuff that makes her feel good.

[00:15:46] Which kind of freaks me out.

[00:15:48] I've never witnessed that with a panel of four. And then she goes and lays down my is now there. Take two full droppers and take 15 minutes before he comes out. And of course, I think well, maybe it's because he's older, he's more stubborn, he's a little bit of a brat and spoiled.

[00:16:05] And so maybe he like to be a little bit more dramatic, but every dog is different. And the more the more they have CBT in their system, the better it is it stays in their system. It will continue like Ivan, even with our Chihuahua. He was telling you about, if I skipped a dose, she would have a seizure. She wouldn't have a huge seizure, but she would have a small seizure. So it's a type of medicine that you you want to give them. And within a week or two, you're going to see a complete difference. Think of all the moment you give it to them free, anxious situation. It works within 20 minutes. And if you don't see them calm down after 20 minutes, you give them more and then it'll work. So there really is no concern with those things because it's an all natural product and it's not going to they're not they can't overdose. It's impossible. It doesn't. It's not connected to their breathing. It's not connected to anything like if they were to get into a prescription opioids.

[00:17:00] Yeah. You see, you mentioned you're using full spectrum. So what is what is the concentration or what are I guess. What's actually contained in the products you're developing? I guess how you're sourcing. What are you actually producing it with? And then and then what's actually in the products? Want to put it into a usable format.

[00:17:16] You get the full spectrum. Him assuming that, you know, means that it has all the cannabinoids and tags or most of them intact, not just CBD, which is of course the most important. But you want something called the entourage effect, which is you want multiple cannabis, cannabinoids compounds, Turpin side, all of those parts of the plant. You want them intact when it's extracted.

[00:17:37] So we extract only from the hemp flower and we CO2 extraction coal, which means it just basically presses the hemp flower till the oil comes out and it's fully intact. We don't do anything else with it.

[00:17:52] We also include hemp seed oil, which is we compress the seeds of the hemp plant and hemp seed oils completely different than full spectrum hemp. It does not have any of the cannabinoids in it, but what it does have is omega 3s and sixes and it's the most unbelievable fatty acid. Better than fish oil, better than glucosamine. So we include that in it. Also known in Lavender Central Oil, which is also all of our essential oils or full spectrum also in CO2 extracted. So it's the best BBT that they could possibly get and the best essential oils that are all sourced here in the United States and extract that we also use in other interviews, frankincense and to be on the witch.

[00:18:36] I can't believe we're the only company using essential oils and it makes all the difference, not because essential oils itself are amazing, but when you use frankincense, for example, when it actually helps the CBD work better as well.

[00:18:53] Yeah. People forget that, you know, hemp is a plant and the hand flower is a flower. Just like lavender is a flower or frankincense is the fact. So these are all natural products and a lot of them have the same compounds that the hemp plant has in them. And when they work like frankincense, help the CB one CB to receptors in the body receives the medicine better. So all these essential oils working together makes the medicine work so much better and make our product different. And I think what makes us stand out the most is that we didn't just throw CBD in a bottle and sell it like a lot other people did. I figured out how many MG needed to be in. It can even make a difference. So a lot of products on the on the market only have a hundred, maybe ninety, maybe 300 milligrams of CBD or they say a thousand. But it's actually hemp oil, hemp seed oil, not full spectrum CBD. So it's very confusing out in the marketplace.

[00:19:53] What what's really upsetting, though, is the amount of misinformation and this is not regulated as unregulated. So people or so anything on a label knowing that they don't know better is easier to sell a 30 dollar bottle of BBB than it sell or seventy five dollars CBD, which is actually the best price in the market for the metal bands to get on it.

[00:20:15] Yes, of course. Will they come back and we might actually help the dollar. No. What upset me about that. But I have to re-educate people now. I have people coming up to me like I try to get didn't work and I have. Why did you try it? And they show me with only 100 mulligans. Or they showed me something about that. Yeah. Have you the oil? What? Their label in your DVD. So we. Our mission is to educate. We are. We do seminars everywhere. We educate. We educate me educate. We educate. And we do a lot of stuff.

[00:20:50] We have a re-educate a year, hon, recently.

[00:20:55] Right now I just got a a post from a publisher. They write for a kind of industry magazine. And he sent me post that a vet wrote about BBB and how could they? People give their dogs the poisonous, toxic medicine. You know, and I. All I want to do is call that guy and. Are you freaking idiot? Shut up.

[00:21:14] Yeah. Give me a take on what's going on with the veterinarian side. I mean, cause it seems like this is like you're changing or you're introducing this whole new aspect of health into this industry. And we've talked about it on the show, on the medical side with with humans and the the whole kind of conundrum. And we're in there in terms of involving the medical professionals. What's happening in terms of the veterinarian professionals, what's what's your take on how this is impacting veterinary science of ordinary professionals? Educate us on this stuff.

[00:21:43] Emily, it's exactly the same as the human side. We have that that are jumping on board and love it and are selling ours like crazy. We have others that are scared to death.

[00:21:55] They believe in the medicine they think is great, but are scared to sell it. So all they do is refer and say, yes, here's a good brand, but we're not selling because we think they think someone's going to walk in and take their life away. And then we have those that are completely against it because they weren't taught it and they know nothing about the endo cannabinoid system or how it works. And I can put myself in their shoes because I can't imagine doing something and then something else coming along and telling me it's all different. And what I was prescribing or giving was actually dangerous or toxic. I get it. But it's proven it's worked as well. I don't need to convince you, you know, how long it's been around and how it works. And you can find any kind of research. Now, I'm sure you know about project CBT that or agree can pretty much type in any disease or ailment and they will link you to research proving that the medicine works and how it works. So I don't understand how a doctor or that can still be so and I had to break up with my best practices both east and west.

[00:23:00] You still could not. She's still giving her dog value now. And I don't understand how anybody, a vet could give a dog a human prescription medication that barely safe for humans.

[00:23:14] So how does I guess how does this get resolved or what do you think the future of this is? I mean, are as are we talking about, you know, educating and changing the fundamentals of engineering science as this kind of branching off into two different worlds? Yeah. How do you think?

[00:23:26] I think basically at the end of cannabinoid system is to be studied and that Mary. Science and medical science.

[00:23:32] There's a lot of people that I often watch that happen and we can separate them from what we look like, but never want to. How wonderful that is, everybody. But like in this specific moment situation, we need to teach people the difference.

[00:23:47] We just had the marijuana, but it's so it's so difficult, as you know, because they're both the cannabis plant. Yeah. So someone just sent me an article about Sarasota High. The police, I don't even know who are saying, oh, it's still legal because it comes from the cannabis plant. That's their argument.

[00:24:06] Even though they don't even know about the farm bill. So the fact that there's like, you know, the police in Florida don't even know that it's legal.

[00:24:16] Blows my mind. Yeah, I know. Because I'm in the industry now. They don't know. It's not like they have a meeting and go, hey, everybody, guess what? It's legal now. So you don't have to worry about it anymore. Yeah.

[00:24:25] I mean, it's just it's just the news, the media. I mean, I just got interviewed for another local station who literally just put out a story last week talking, you know, talking to someone about saying how it was dangerous.

[00:24:38] And then here I am coming on the next me going, it's the best medicine for everything.

[00:24:45] I mean, a weaker regulation. And you kind of excited. Yes. We want all these people who are putting out terrible products to go away. We're already doing what we think the FDA would want by putting on state child safety caps and claims on the labels just to just to do it, to be prepared. But yeah, it's a crazy industry.

[00:25:07] So let's talk about the farm bill and how it's kind of changed to the business or, you know, why that why it's important to the industry. So how, I guess, is as you kind of plotted the course of your your business strategy, how did the farm bill impact you? And then what do you think still needs to get done or what's the what's future kind of legislation, regulation that you suspect? Or anticipate coming and how. How are you responding or preparing for it?

[00:25:31] Oh, well, I what I wish is I would be federally legal marijuana, everything. What how the farm bill impacted me is that I'm not doing anything illegal.

[00:25:43] I just have to have below point 0 3 THC, which we do. And of course, we have that little bit of THC in there so that we can have the entourage effect and be considered full spectrum because of it doesn't have P.C. in it. This broad spectrum and not full spectrum. So what I do now is legal. It's making I have a lot more choices now, though I've been able to go to my original manufacturing go, yeah, I can get this here now. So my prices have come down on having the manufacturing product because that's I'm kind of curious.

[00:26:15] I mean, I know the legislation's passed, but as you know, from a practical industry standpoint, have you seen the supplies competition and the distribution? I mean, are you do you feel like you have a broad market, a competitive market for sourcing products?

[00:26:28] Heck, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I obviously wasn't the only one waiting for it to become legal. So, you know, going I had to go all the way to California. It took me three years to develop it. Meet with them. I'm in Florida. Go out there, go back and forth, source everything. It was a pain. If I were to start it, today would be so much easier. But I get it. You know, we just we just came from another huge pet expo and we have at least five new companies contacting us on a regular basis.

[00:26:58] And of course, it's easy breaths. We just have an email that goes out and goes, we only CO2 extract from flower and we put what we do and we have at least five of them who meet the requirements and are dying for a business. So it makes our lives a lot easier because now we have choices. You don't have one farmer who's organically growing him in California that meets our standards.

[00:27:20] So let's talk about the flip side in terms of distribution. How are you? What's your distribution strategy? How have you have you built that up and where you out with the distribution side?

[00:27:30] Well, on our we want to be a direct to consumer product, which is difficult, which will mean it will go a lot slower getting there, getting to the goal, because we can't advertise on social media or online hemp or CBD medicine. So that makes it a little bit more difficult. But we do have every not every well, we've got PetSmart, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CBS, all of them very interested in our products. They contacted us. They can tell that the brand is very friendly because I own retail shops. I was able to see customers come in and not be able to read the labels or know what the heck to get. So that's why our labelling is very easy and consumer friendly, which is also very attractive to the big box stores. So right now we distribute it out of our own warehouse. Ourselves and our manufacturer also hold that inventory and shipped out the bigger orders. But our distribution right now is in Tampa and in California and we ship it out directly from there.

[00:28:29] And in terms of what's coming at you or what your strategic plan is, what are the big things that you're looking at or working on for the next 12, 24 months? What's what's happening for you? What's happening for the industry, education?

[00:28:41] A lot of speaking and educating people. The more people I can educate, the better it is for the whole entire industry for people to have the correct information and spread it. So that's our most important thing.

[00:28:53] We keep saying we're on the edge of glory because we have so many big companies interested in our product going to you know, that's not always a good sign.

[00:29:03] You know, they could politely not give us what we want, not make it worth their while. And we always want to be a direct consumer and continue to be able to educate and talk to people and that type of thing. So we're prepared for, you know, if a big box takes us on. Our biggest thing is we just launched her horse products, which there aren't maybe one or two other people in the industry that are doing it. And of course, we're going to be doing it right because CBD, expensive full spectrum CBD is expensive. So what a lot of people do is they create products and they don't put enough CBD in it or it's a broad spectrum or it doesn't have full spectrum in it at all. So we're one of the first of our launching a first product that has significant amount of CBD in it because the horse is a huge and an exotic platform.

[00:29:52] We also find that the four horses we're raising the three bit of light at the end of the day don't get a race, which they do all kinds of crazy things. The thing is, is that there's an old natural way that helps them.

[00:30:06] We got that mixed business for any business decision. We wanted to do big, big things. Yes, we we love our animals. You know, that's what we thought.

[00:30:14] So if people want to find out more about CBD dog health, what's the best way to get that information?

[00:30:20], we do weekly blog. We have so much educational content on there. Back home, you could find us on instagram cbddoghealth. What are you picking up, dog help? And if you want race specific holistic advice, you go to Angela. Although, you know, she is holistic but expert as well. So it's going to be more than just CBD, doesn't it? Definitely the best way to get always e-mail us. We love questions. So please go on our website. E-mail us

[00:30:50] And every speaking, we're here in New York. Oh, that's right. Emily speaking at the retail event. We've got another one at Cafe Bar. We're always in New York. In New York, an interesting city, because it's it's very open. Not like in Texas or even in California, where any every state is so different. It's insane. You go into Florida into a pet store and say, have you heard about CBT? And they're like, yes, you're the 15th person.

[00:31:16] I just found out that I think I know that store.

[00:31:20] And they're like BBB.

[00:31:21] Like what?

[00:31:23] Yeah. Angela in Atlanta. Ananda, thank you so much for being part of the program. Great conversation. Like I said, I think this is the first pet focused one we've had. I learned a lot.

[00:31:31] I think we had a lot of flooding, too. I appreciate your time. Good. Thank you. And a great one.11

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