Yosvani Alfonso, CEO of HempXtra

Thinking Outside The Bud - Yosvani Alfonso

Yosvani Alfonso, CEO of HempXtra

Mr. Yosvani Alfonso CEO of HempXtra, entered the industrial hemp world as a consumer: he sought a happier, healthier lifestyle, something he’d struggled to find as the head of a financial and legal firm. Eventually overcome by job-related stress, Yosvani, left his position and embarked on a journey that led to the birth of HEMPXTRA CBD Products Frustrated by the misinformation, questionable ingredients, and unsatisfactory quality of CBD oil products in the market, Yosvani became determined to create his own line of premium quality, pure, clean, natural CBD oil, creams and products. Yosvani promises to provide you the best products HEMPXtra can offer and to do so with absolute transparency; his enthusiasm and passion for quality is reflected in HEPXtra products that harness the power of organic agriculture and science to help you lead a happier, healthier life.



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[00:01:06] Welcome, everyone. This is Thinking Outside the Bud. I'm Bruce Eckfeldt. I'm your host. And our guest today is Yosvani Alfonso. And he is CEO of HempXtra. We're gonna find a little bit more about their business. We're gonna learn about hemp, hemp farming. We're talking about formulations and CBD. While really interesting things, I think CBD is turning out to be one of the bigger categories of the kind of a space. And hemp is obviously a huge category. So I'm excited for this conversation with that. Just finally, welcome to the program.

[00:01:31] Thank you so much for having me on. And thank you for give me the opportunity to educate people more and more about our great CBD market, thus getting becoming very, very, very strong.

[00:01:42] Yes, it is fascinating aspect to the business. I'm not sure if you go back three, four, five years ago, if you want to talk to people about the power of CBD and where that was going to go, I'm not sure people that are predicted. It's a great subject to cover for the podcast. So why don't we start with a little bit of your background, like how did you get into cannabis? How did you get into CBD? How do you get into hemp farming? What was the backstory?

[00:02:01] Well, basically, I've been in the criminal industry for over 25 years. I ran. I ran a very successful investigative company and also a bellboy on one of the biggest bedbug company out of Florida throughout the state.

[00:02:12] So after, you know, finding out, being, you know, my clients with illegal grow houses, et cetera, obviously the grow house, the cannabis industry has always been a very, very profitable business. Three years ago, about four years ago, three years ago, I was going to start investing in marijuana farm up in Colorado. When how fortunate I was able to make it to the meeting. And I missed that opportunity. We said the way I was glad because I don't like too much about that marijuana process. What it does have very contradictions that all the studies are, you know, contradict the industry itself. Of course, Sunni marijuana. I not enough to get to the CBD, which I highly prefer the outcome and type of results I've been getting for people. One of them being myself took about two and half years. Three and a half years ago, I went ahead of formalize a partnership with some farmers up in Colorado.

[00:03:03] Partial small minority owner of the farm properties, which is overall product itself. And I have the distributor or the brand of Hemp Extra at that site. We started distributing the whole brand itself about two years ago. We've been in the process steady, but sure you start get the word out there. Quality is the most important thing in this product, which is the hardest thing to write. When I was about writing last two years ago, everything had to be switched around because the FDA came with a lot of regulation allegations we couldn't bake with the product. So the ladies not to change of things. So we had to put everything out to hold every lunch again. A couple months later.

[00:03:38] Yeah, I know the shifting regulatory environment and the legal kind of assets an hour causing a lot of heartache and heartburn in the industry. But I think those those that can navigate and successfully are gonna be, you know, are going to win or at least are gonna be around to have a chance at being the winners in the industry. So, so good for you for for regrouping and relaunching. Tell me about the connection between the farm and the formulation process. I mean, I guess you are these two separate businesses for you. Are they intrinsically interconnected? I mean, we kind of have two parts to this.

[00:04:08] Well, first of all, I'm not a farmer. I don't like Colorado's a beautiful place. It's very full. The whole Florida trees a lot like my flip flops, but very few viewed us all year out. Basically, what Colorado? We have about 24 acres and approximately 180 acres in Oregon and Seattle County, which basically we develop 3000 kilos of CBD every year. We far for about five to six months. And then we go ahead. We we cure the process of the other half plants and then we go ahead through the extraction itself by partners. It there are out there we have the campus and we have the whole process that is very, very tedious itself.

[00:04:46] So basically, I like more of the sales part more more should be ship park. So that caused more naturally to me. And it's not fair for me to take, you know, part of everything when I'm actually there. So that's why I got this part of the business which I employed after staff.

[00:05:01] Yet this drought is very, very, very scientific and very tedious. Quoting here every day, if you're not there, you can't really do a proper job.

[00:05:10] Yeah, well, I know everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so I'm glad you've kind of dialed in on years and you have not tried to work on something that you're not as interested in. Let's talk about the distribution and the marketing side of this and that kind of product and the branding and kind of formulation. I know you're very. You're very. Formulation or you think the formulation is really important in terms of CBT products, and I know that these products are kind of all over the map right now. Give us a sense of where you see the CBT market in terms of real kind of consumer products or customer facing products and how have you kind of position yourselves?

[00:05:41] Well, basically, as I tell my clientele, we're very conservative in the way we execute and we develop new products to market. They don't want to put products out there. It's to say we have 300 skews and we have to use 250 are obsolete. So every time we take out a SKU or various cues, we do, we do market research.

[00:06:00] And aside from that, we make sure that formulation actually works in all our products.

[00:06:05] And the most important thing of everything is that consistency in every batch we have consistency in every back to you generate that you produce product, you're losing your whole credibility. Remember one thing, a brand is the hardest thing to build.

[00:06:18] It takes a lot of bite and a lot of dedication and get those people to trust you. And everything else like that is a key thing to everything in our brick and mortar store that we have. We have to hear. Florida is a pleasure. When I see people coming in thanking me or people, you know, they call me. Thank you. Really? Alright, though.

[00:06:34] You know, I thought I could bare myself with what I've been suffering for so many years and I couldn't get the proper medication for it. Cheaper is better.

[00:06:42] And those stories along it all bring it really, really helped me to achieve everything that next year. So on it work even harder to help out peoples, which is. Yeah.

[00:06:52] So a couple questions on that. So you mentioned that consistency is really important, but it's also really hard. Why is consistency hard when when it comes to developing CBD, have CBD products like what are the challenges when it comes to consistency to think a mother nature?

[00:07:07] It's very hard. We farm the outdoors. OK, as a woman. You know, you understand understanding can only help it. It's a lot of way. I got to be kidding me.

[00:07:15] I'm just going to take your comments on on the bike has a run that I don't like. Companies are run by women. My wife is my right hand.

[00:07:23] So that is a forte. I don't honestly know that. So she's the first one. And second of all, is that testing of that plant through the process that if they exceed that point, all 3 percent, which is the legal limit for the CBD to kill the plant, a lot of people like to take the short, a lot of people. So it's very tedious. A first couple of months or the birth that we have to be there on a daily basis. Do the analysis, comply with the equivalent of the D.A. out there is constantly measuring and doing the lab and everything else like that that we say within it's true form.

[00:07:54] I'm curious on that side. I mean, with what happened. So you're testing individual plants and if they are over the point three limit, then they're destroyed? Yes, sir. Yeah. I hadn't really appreciated how that how that plays out. So and what is your I mean, I guess what percentage of a crop could fall above that point?

[00:08:11] Three percent that you get to spray less that between now you want a 4 percent. OK. So I mean, we've got science pretty much. We remember all that. So you've got to dial down a. Correct. All the floods recall, which is for you. Your audience is sold.

[00:08:24] The seeds are usually we clone it to have them made up on the bottles for over years, years. And then we propagate through that through a process. What is that? That is it. We kill the plant and then we go ahead and we have to harvest new plants.

[00:08:38] Yeah. So that's how that's how you stay compliant. And then through the processing, you're dealing with all the other kind of the natural variations that happen in the plant. You know, whether I'm sure you're dealing with all sorts of conditional variations, you know, more so less if there's it's hotter or more humid or less humid and all those things will impact the final result you get out of a particular harvest.

[00:08:58] Yes. And then outside of that also is there's a salary process, which is a separate issue. All the property sold for the plant, which is also the most tedious and us to scientific. So I've seen it. I appreciate it. But I admire the scientist was able to do that. You know, the taking away the particles of the CBD, the different properties, the now all of the full spectrum to a prospect or to an isolate as try getting off to a different product that we use.

[00:09:25] Got it. And how have you gone about formulation? I that.

[00:09:28] I mean, you mentioned that you have been a user and that you've, you know, firsthand experience some of the benefits of some of these CBT products on. I think you mentioned some arthritis and things like that. How did you go from interested in the products actually coming out with formulations and designing, you know, sort of choosing the products and coming up the formulations for them?

[00:09:46] Well, I was I process worked out formulation, basically.

[00:09:48] I was at the campus and the science is the most important thing with it. It's the heart of the business.

[00:09:54] From there, we go ahead, we see what works in our product, and we formulate all our proprietary formula that we incorporate, let's say, like other formats other people use which are heated. You know, you put it on and they work and they work on your body starts dying out. After a while, we see whether for release, it added we enhance it. One of the things that I want to tell the public that a lot of people know about it.

[00:10:14] Women till recently, the whole you know, the whole boom of CBD women were the only people that were able to reproduce CBD when they got pregnant. Women could analyze themselves before getting pregnant. They had a better. Issues may be epilepsy, hypertension, high blood sugar, diabetes, etc.. Waldorf women became pregnancy during that period. They started lactating. Those symptoms will disappear. Why? Because her body was reproducing cannabinoids while interest, believe it or not. So up to now, women were the only people to do this. Then after they stopped lactating. Correct, they gave birth. They stopped lactating. They will go again and they will go backwards and start having the symptoms again because their body will no longer reproducing those categories.

[00:10:57] Fascinating. So the natural the natural body is development of Canada. Voids in the healing process will happen naturally. So we know that these you know, these these chemicals will have these kind of impacts. How is that led to formulations or how have you kind of use that inspiration in terms of developing the formulations that you've created?

[00:11:15] We basically go ahead. We test it within ourselves. We see, OK, what is it that we want to apply? What type of results we want to be able to have? Like right now, we're taking on a whole new beauty products for wrinkles, for acne in the face or blemishes in the face, etc. Cannabidiol CBD is a natural healing. Basically what it does a revived and reproduces those dead cells that we may have in our bodies of those places where we don't have no circulation is it's an anti inflammatory. So it reduces. Yes. Inflammation we may have within the muscle the veins and starts leading the blood flow within our system and it starts rejuvenating our own body, basically our body. So that's why a lot of people have different different effects of that CBD within the body. Some take shorter time, some takes longer time to start generating within the body. Yeah.

[00:12:02] And tell me a little bit the retail space, as you mentioned, you you've got two retail spaces. What is that? Walk me through them. What is the experience like? What was the. How did you create them? What's the. If someone were to go and visit and go through a purchase process? Talk me through how you design.

[00:12:17] Basically, what we do is we train the staff. And basically when a person comes in first, you know, there was a big table till about a year ago or so, a year and a half where you could really be out there.

[00:12:27] You're going to see brick and mortar store was basically more towards the Internet. So when I hey, we took advantage when an opportunity came about, we got a certificate of occupancy from one of the savings allow us to come in. We went ahead.

[00:12:40] We put a kiosk at the mall, which we were relocated in Doral, Florida, to a space and also a Davie, Florida, which we have a brick and mortar store there where people come into the store and they come in and say, I've heard about CBD, I want to be able to buy. So we walk into the system. So what other needs? What type of symptoms they may have that they're looking to alleviate? Do we have the teachers, which are the most popular one? Which of those something will go ahead, put a full dropper under your tongue. You let us sit there for about 20 seconds and then you go ahead. You let it out. Once a teacher gets in that once the illusion of the other teacher is inside your body, you wait for about a minute or two to be able to drink your coffee or to succeed.

[00:13:22] One of the key things that we tell everybody, like, let's say for my arthritis. That's one of the products that I use if you always do it in the morning. These are not chemicals. These are not medication by prescription. We cannot do your normal stuff with CBT. You are not going to get high. You're not going. Nothing is going to if it is a clean form that you get a clean bill of health, nothing's going to happen to you or you going to be able to do it. Enjoy your body. Something you couldn't do before you use it in the morning.

[00:13:46] You can enjoy your body right through from the teachers. We have the cream. We have three tiger creams. We have the muscle gel, which the muscular is great for back pain for any type of chronic pain. People may have arthritis, etc. Have the calendar hula cream, which is an anti inflammatory trait that alleviates for any psoriasis or the skin for any operation of the skids. And we have the lavender, which is also for other rides of the feet in the head. From there. We have the gummies, which are edibles.

[00:14:12] You go ahead and you able to e to be able to relax you and help you with your tension that you may have. And finally, we got a base which are there are Rogers, which is one of the best ones in the industry. I could say the radio really relax. You can alleviate any chronic pain has been known that CBD hours have no flavor, anything off like that which is so thick.

[00:14:32] So you go ahead, you get in trouble with a lot of e-cigarettes that they have out there because they have an unnatural.

[00:14:39] That's what causes a lot of consequences, which is a concern just like any other react to toxins. So they have. So ours is just natural CBD heat, which is on harmful at all.

[00:14:49] And what I'm you thinking about these different products and the different kind of modality is or use cases. I mean, what how does one choose or how do you kind of recommend to ensure vs. a versus a cream versus an edible?

[00:15:03] I mean, what are the basic kind of guiding principles for this to the table?

[00:15:08] Hi. You've been brainwashed by traditional medicine versus alternative medicine. First thing, people, if you want to be if you're a person has been in pain your whole entire life, you won't care. You do whatever. A lot of people that type of this attack taboo within the B people say, I won't be I won't smoke. Yes. Because I never spoke. But now your regular. We showed them and everything else that was our biggest taboo right there. And we showed them were they able to do of a deal when you babe. That's the best one, because it goes through your bloodstream a lot faster through that. Yes, it systems, that's one that works the best. And that's one of the best ones to go to sleep. Also, people with insomnia, etc. from their teacher.

[00:15:45] So I said make sure between the teachers and it creates a lot of people still have that taboo. I don't want to take anything, put it on the outside those skin to see how that works. So it's all depends upon the human temple that they've had with. Again, just your basic your basic CBD proper process.

[00:16:02] You know, if you're doing a cream, does that localize the to the affected area? I mean, like if I've got knee pain, you know, putting it on my knee is, is that help focus the effect?

[00:16:14] It does. But I like to tell people less to the sandwich effect, what I call the sandwich. Your fact is you attack the problem from the outside, you attack it from the inside. Also, that cream, you can eat the cream. So if you put it in the outside to say like you need to accept the use. Correct. You going to attack it from the outside? Then if you can do the teacher, there'll be some bilingual. Hey, you'll be able to digest this. And now your body is going to start ingesting air, is going to travel to your body and you're gonna feel that pain that it's like you're gonna in rainy weather, in heat weather, etc. You now have that concept bothers some of the other writers who you may be developing now.

[00:16:48] And so tell me more about the retail experience. It sounds like it's generally it's about your consultant or the person there to kind of help you select these products. What are the questions or what else would I experience if I'm going through a retail experience in your store?

[00:17:01] People sometimes remember, like the old cowboy movies we used to see where the snake oil salesperson comes through and says there is a snake oil a process. We tell people, listen, it's not snake oil product, everything else like that.

[00:17:14] Some people enforcing outside had bad experience it by the CBD. From a marketplace, from somewhere else, a supermarket. And they basically, if you read the content in that CBD ingredients, basically a top seller, whether getting dressing you style. So they come out with that type of experience that, my God, you know, this didn't work. The pills or somebody they buy when they buy a product called my god. This product is really, really, really works how it works.

[00:17:40] One of the things you also have what it called the hippie effect, which is the old guys used the smoking pot, you know, their entire life are particle pot has no properties, no real medical properties. One of my YA tennis over here, a movie about this book is for four years. This thing doesn't really go OK. He came. He bought a muscle deal after a week or so.

[00:18:02] He couldn't believe it. One of those magnetic built around his belt. He didn't have to use magnetic belt anymore. And basically, what happens anytime you get your body hooked on CBD? Because what it is, is not something it becomes addictive. ESB buys your body. It basically gives that energy to your body opening up the gas tank. You fill it up, you're gonna be able to go from point A to point B to point Z. What happens when you stop using it? Your body start to develop. So you go back what I call the cocoon effect. You've got back from being young all the way back to being older, yet needing it. So it's something I've tried to educate the people, you know, to it.

[00:18:35] And the most important thing to it, what? You're awake.

[00:18:37] Enjoy your body while you're working the whole day when you're you're in the daily routine, which is the most important thing now.

[00:18:44] And in terms of kind of other products or product strategy, what else do you have on the roadmap or what other areas do you see as being things you might get into as you kind of look at the future CBD products?

[00:18:56] A lot of the people are right now where we're coming out is for adults with those sorts of things. A lot of people work for adults, CBD being used for sexual enhancement, both for men and women, which is something that's coming down the pike. I will work on a formulation right now and a lot of it is beauty itself. What beauty?

[00:19:14] Like I said, it's going to be at the ageing facial, etc. to be able to go ahead and replenish our body with our own formulation from inside, to be able to go ahead and cure all of those blemishes that we may have.

[00:19:26] Do you notice I mean, you mentioned this kind of adults.

[00:19:29] I mean, what are some of the other kind of consumer categories or the consumer segments that you see coming out? I mean, I know a lot of people are talking about, you know, kind of older generations and they're now kind of getting into this. And this is kind of a new and up and coming. Are you seeing this or are you seeing other ones, other segments that are particular interesting for you?

[00:19:45] Well, same as ESA. You mean people population that are aware of most of my clients are in the late 40s, late 30s, about mid to late 60s.

[00:19:56] So it's a nice crowd, nice educated crowd, which, you know, I like to add, a lot of cars are just, hey, I've heard about this. Can it really work? So they come into the store and they try to get that type of information and which is good.

[00:20:07] You know, it's a more some more conscientious crowd trying to go ahead. It's a phase where they can find the regular or regular, you know, chemistry type of formulation that they used to call me.

[00:20:18] And you mentioned that, you know, the current market, as you know, has some, you know, less than ideal products in it right now. I mean, what you what are you seeing in terms of. Cannabis products or CBD products that are out there right now. What are your kind of advice or recommendations or would you have for folks that are trying to navigate the space? What do you what do you look for? What are their good markers? Are there good ways to tell what kind of products I'm finding, you know, evaluating products, deciding which products to buy? What are your suggestions?

[00:20:44] One of the most important thing I always tell people, A, regarding marijuana. The marijuana card, et cetera. Be very careful because you're basically you're labeling yourself and the government. Once you get one of those cards, there's a lot of consequences that you realize what's going to end up having. Your rights are going to be lost within the process. Any accidents, any type of things you may use, any job that you have, you have medical card.

[00:21:05] How do they know who can actually tell when you're high or not high from the THC? So that's one of the repercussions that's gonna come down. And also, you know, your insurance and everything else say that, you know, there's always a cost in effect to that effect. One hundred percent.

[00:21:18] Number two, with CBD, you're in your heart. You don't need any card. You ever need anything at all regarding formulation for shoes, scissors, cut company. Now they're taking shortcuts. Whoever tried, whatever they want to try either CBD or THC, see how their body reacts. There's a lot of people that try CBD, but is what we call dirty CBD. Which brings us to the issue here. Is it those are the ones those outright CBD before they caused me to be sedated.

[00:21:42] It caused me to be dizzy, etc.. That's because they have some sort of THC in the formulation.

[00:21:47] Well, let me just clarify that, because I've heard different things on that. So the hemp plant is going to have a little THC in it. Just because of the nature of the hemp plant. Are your CBD products, does it retain that that trace amount of THC or are you actually taking that out? And what do you recommend to folks in terms of who they have? And I can't remember the definitions of these, but, you know, a full spectrum, broad spectrum versus isolate. I mean, what's the what are the definitions of what am I looking for or what would you recommend?

[00:22:13] Isolate is where you go ahead. You and you deal with it through the through the you think about making the show that we see that distillery of the openly shite. That's now more or less that's how you know it, like the old science labs, et cetera, that say you start distilling it DNA. The THC is with that input because that's part of it. There's there's there's a route that goes from the bottom all the way to the top of the pack pushing, which has a THC. So that's part of the DNA. Otherwise, it will be synthetic CBD. So basically what it is, is as long as we will control that THC pool to see what that makes a whole entire difference. What I mean. So remember to isolate this when you alluded to a powder form like a sugar salt type of form, that one has lower concentration of CBD, which is about 10 percent or so. The full spectrum, which is now being changeable, prospect dropper that FDA requirements, OK, basically says he has broad spectrum. So it has a spectrum of all of all the consistency of the pie itself. OK. And that one is the one that at least our focus has 70 to 85 percent purity of CBD that we put right back. People will want to take this shortcut, which is what I'm saying. My previous statement is that people that do not get out all the T see prevent dorsal properties are high. Those are the problems that you have with God. It isn't this and everything else like that.

[00:23:30] Because if they're cirrhosis, you're basically getting the the the effects of THC that are coming through and thus or causing the undesirable. Correct.

[00:23:38] For some folks, that's less than the people that sell the THC, Colorado and everything else that they sell the CBD, the arrival of the plant by then. I'll go through a lot of filtering. There we go.

[00:23:48] Got it. Got it. Well, I know that some people I mean, there's lots of CBD THC products out there, but that's for from your point of view, does suggest a different category. There's a really THC product. So I happen to have some CBD and I'm correct.

[00:24:00] And that they'll reason they could do this because that gets your medical part. You will want to sell it for X, Y or Z, cept if they were to say, here's your CBD able to do it. Point is that my wife does it. No, the wrong is a cannabinoid that does it. That's the whole medical purpose of it is they tell people, my papers say to people, come up to me over here, why do you drink me?

[00:24:20] Also fought for the vitamin C and where does it help with their pain during me?

[00:24:26] What's up with the victim is the big. I love it. You know that like the Bloody Mary.

[00:24:32] It's like saying I drink.

[00:24:33] I drink Bloody Marys for the vegetables, I for the potatoes, my associate.

[00:24:41] Now you drink it to get drunk and is that same my knowledge? And they go, oh, now it is dead. And you know, I like to educate my flies. You know, you put it with the knowledge, you take it go ahead. And more or less more or less grasp the idea for the most of what you think is the point, although, oh, the product and the format is what makes a big difference between one thing and the other.

[00:24:57] Yeah. Excellent. Talk to me a little bit more about where this whole kind of hemp industry is at this point. I mean, I know we pass these farm bills that have now legalized the production and the transport, the use of hemp in all states. Now where. I mean, I guess we're all the problems solved or they're still kind of challenges, you know, when it comes to working with him, products from someone in the industry who is producing products. What's your take and what do you think still needs to get addressed or changed to make this industry, you know? Better and flourish faster.

[00:25:26] Well, the most important thing we got out of a category is a valid knee or some sort of out of the federal guidelines. We got out from being, you know, being held control. So and sounds like an indication that she's being held on. So we came to a Food and Drug Administration under this subcategory and, um, that, you know, they're going to go ahead to hamper the farm.

[00:25:46] Bullock went ahead and just got when Trump signed it last year. They gave us a boost. But, you know, still they still have to do some more regulation. We're waiting for the FDA.

[00:25:55] You know, those of us who already have no issues, no problem, we're complying.

[00:25:59] Usually we go ahead and we establish every point of ours, every type, every time we do, every oil processing centers, etc. Well, we go ahead and we put all the products together. They're all in FDA compliance. Let's say, as we know, we'd have this replication of the FDA. But as to whether a requirement, if they were to approve a facility, a sense of the same process that they require does you know, a lot of the big companies like ours are able to comply. So you want to go with it under the same structure, but without the final approval.

[00:26:29] We just got the approval right now for a good organic, which is another classification of went through to be able to get a certification. Now we're complying within the unknown law, but within other requirements that they will require, we're to certify as down the road.

[00:26:46] So what do you recommend for someone who is kind of getting into the space or thinking about doing hemp production or hemp processing? What's the what are the kind of things you need to know or the tricks right now in terms of navigating all this?

[00:26:56] You know what? Go partner up with people. It's crazy. That's a reality. You know, and see where you're getting yourself into it, because it's a lot of yokels out there, you know, so wild, wild west. Unfortunately, now you know where there's going to tell you one thing or the other and you know, you're going to get burned and money goes by very quick in this process. Who, you know, you don't take your steps to be able to do everything. I mean, be aware, learn, allow yourself and, you know, ask question, which is the most important thing, asking questions. And, you know, see those questions. What I tell my criminal clients, I've always told, you know, the day to day people I tell everything is common sense. It doesn't make sense to you. There's something out there is not very kosher. So it doesn't make sense. It's not really kosher.

[00:27:34] The sniff test, if it doesn't pass the sniff test.

[00:27:38] Three hundred percent. And that's what I tell people, you know. And, you know, partner up. That's the most important thing, because one person cannot do it all. Yeah. That's why, you know, the farming and everything else like that. That's its own animal. You know what I want, Norm Borger, when they want a small but small piece of me investment, investment that is it is funny, doesn't mean great.

[00:27:55] If people want to find out more about you, about hemp extra, what's the best place to get that information?

[00:27:59] Sure. The best place you could go visit a web site.

[00:28:02] https://hempxtra.com/ that's h e m p x t r a that's h m p x t r a.

[00:28:12] And our phone number is (877) 788-1589. Also we're going to we're looking for partners.

[00:28:19] People want to open up a brick and mortar store for providing them with some sort of financing capability or we become partners in each endeavor of the retail licensing. So those two may be interested. They could go ahead and shoot us an email and we'll be more than happy to respond to them.

[00:28:35] I'll make sure that you are all on email and suffers in the Shona so people can click through and get those is fine. There has been great. Thank you for taking the time. It's been a pleasure having you on the program and thank you.

[00:28:44] Thank you for your honor and letting me be on your program. Thank you so much.

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